Case Studies

Case Studies

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Art Fabrications - Metal Sculpture and Art Fabrication

We have worked and built up great working relationships with many leading artists, landscape architects, garden designers and local authorities.

Follow the links for examples of finished work.

We also fabricate metal sculpture, artwork and bespoke metal pieces directly for public and local authorities - here are examples;

Bronze: Nigel Hall

Nigel Hall - Art Fabrications
  1. Examples of some of the pieces we have fabricated for Nigel Hall in phosphor bronze.

Corten Fabrication: Sean Henry, Martin Heron

Art Fabrications
  1. 'Catafalque' - We fabricated this base for Sean Henry to his specifications.
  2. Bracknell - These pieces were produced from Corten for Martin Heron.

Aluminium Fabrication

Art Fabrications
  1. We fabricated the base out of aluminium to Sean Henry's specifications.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Art Fabrications
  1. Spirit of Hedge and Hound
  2. Love of Emer
  3. Spirit of the Quay


Art Fabrications
  1. Kandi Sky - This shows the progression from drawing to final piece. We fabricated these pieces from mild steel and installed this work for Pierre Diamantopoulo in Middlesborough.
Art Fabrications - Metal Sculpture and Art Fabrication
  1. Enfield Council: We produced these small structures from Corten for the landscape architects at Enfield Council. We enjoy working with local authorities directly and have established good direct working relationships with the public sector.

British Waterways

Art Fabrications - Metal Sculpture and Art Fabrication
  1. British Waterways: Stourport.